Past, present, and future

Wow, did we have a Halloween party on Sunday! Twenty-one kids, homemade slime, scratch-off sheets, the best homemade cookies I’ve ever had (thanks, Michelle!) … really, it was a blast. Monica, Cathy, Michelle, Elizabeth, and Melissa did a great job keeping the slime craft moving along, and I have to say that the rendition of 5 Little Pumpkins that Michelle and I performed was really quite impressive. J  

Despite how much fun we had, Edwin seemed set on escaping Caton Hall, perhaps due to the lack of a car ramp, and Elias was shocked when the party ended without a single party game being played. I think perhaps he had envisioned a costumed version of Twister, which kind of does sound fun. Maybe next year!

Speaking of costumes, the kids took turns showing off theirs and telling us their Halloween plans; hopefully those plans were well executed last night and everyone came home safe, happy, and with lots of candy.

This coming Sunday our Little Ones and Godly Play students will meet, but Young Disciples and CX will be in the sanctuary for our intergenerational service with communion.

Don’t forget our upcoming PNO on the 18th! I haven’t received any RSVPs yet, which I need to make sure that there’s enough demand to keep the PNO on the November calendar.

In case you’re wondering … Ms. Tracy is healing up nicely, but is still on bed rest following her hip replacement surgery. She’s rocking physical therapy, though, and will be up and around in no time. Please hold her and her family in your prayers, and if you’d like to take her a meal or send her a meal via delivery, you can sign up here.  

See you Sunday!