Sunday in Review (plus Advent at UCCA!)

OK, I know say it a lot, but this last Sunday was truly amazing. There were even guinea pigs for the kids to see, thanks to Ms. Anne! And of course the Thanksgiving Feast was fantastic, as was hanging out inside the warmth of fellowship hall while the gazillion-mile-per-hour wind threatened to blow the church away!

I was given the opportunity to lead the youth class for the first time since it started meeting, and rather than do a lesson, we sat around and chatted. I got caught up on the kids’ lives—it’s been a while since we’ve really talked!—discussed our Thanksgiving plans, and set forth a vision for UCCA CX youth (13+) in 2018. We have a game plan, and lots of bold ideas, but we also have an agreement with one another that if they (or we) are too busy with sports and school and clubs and life in general and the meetings and bold ideas don’t pan out, that’s fine. All we can do is try! I’m glad we trust and understand one another enough to put that out there rather than make false promises. That’s what living in community is all about! Understanding, and being understood.

Moving on to Save the Dates …. December is a very busy month at UCCA! We have some amazing events planned:

Dec. 2 — Advent Festival

Dec. 3 — Hanging of the Greens

Dec. 9 —  PNO/Kids’ Christmas Party (don't to get to RSVP!)

Dec. 10 — Kids’ Christmas performance

Dec. 12 — Charrette follow-up meeting (childcare provided)

Dec. 15 — Winter Relief

Dec. 16 — Winter Relief

Dec. 24 — Christingle

These are all great events, and I hope to see you at each and every one!

See you Sunday,