Sunday in review, plus Advent, Week #1

In case you didn’t already know it, let me tell you: Mahdi REALLY likes to do push-ups. And he’s also really good at them!

How do I know this, you ask? Well, because in Sunday School we played “The Good Shepard Says,” which is just like Simon Says except, well, it’s the Good Shepard. The commands were most commonly to jump and down and to dance. But regardless of the command, Mahdi just did push-ups. Totally Jack-Palance impressive.

There was also a command to pick one’s nose, but only one kiddo fell for that one, and I’m not going to tell you which one. I will say neither of my kids were at church, so don’t look at them!

Per our usual, we did some dancing, but this time it was to Jingle Bell Rocks and Kidz Bop Christmas. I learned that there are no circumstances under which Mira will dance, but Sienna has some awesome moves, including one called the Banana Peel. Who knew?

The kids did do some learning as well, namely about the parable of the sheep and goats, in which Jesus teaches us that what we do for the least of these, we do for Him. This is a super important message, and I hope I was able to articulate it well in class. You might want to ask your child(ren) about it and clear up any lingering questions. This is one lesson I don’t want them to walk away from confused or empty-handed!

This coming Sunday is the first Sunday in Advent. I don’t know about you, but I really dislike missing Advent Sundays. It’s such a wonderful thing, the eager anticipation of Christ. Seeing the candles lit each week as we work our way closer to His impending birth is powerful stuff! This Sunday is also our first Sunday intergenerational service, so only the Little Ones and Godly Play will meet. That said, I really hope the older kids/youth can make it to join with the adults in communion.

Here are some dates for your calendar. There are quite a few of them in this season of Advent, and all are well worth the time!

Dec. 2 — Advent Festival
Dec. 3 — Hanging of the Greens
Dec. 9 —  PNO/Kids’ Christmas Party (don't forget to RSVP!)
Dec. 10 — Kids’ Christmas performance during service
Dec. 12 — Charrette follow-up meeting (childcare provided)
Dec. 15 — Winter Relief
Dec. 16 — Winter Relief
Dec. 24 — Christingle

Hope to see you Sunday!