Giving our gifts

What a wonderful performance the kids put on last Sunday! And Mark K., Cathy S., and Kathleen O., too, of course! There wouldn’t have been a performance without the three of them.

I got tears in my eyes in the last few moments of the performance as Mark asked us all to come and give our gifts. The children on the platform … those are our greatest gifts, and to see them standing there around the homemade nativity scene made up of stuffed animals and Rachel’s egg carton-turned-manager and all the other brought-from-home representations of the night of Christ’s birth … well, it was almost more than I could bear! Norman Rockwell would be put to shame.

So thank you, parents, for the gift of your children. And to those who put on the performance (I had nothing to do with it!), thank you for the gifts of your time and your talents. We are grateful.

After their special show, the kids were a bit too excited to sit in church. All ages got together in fellowship hall to make ornaments from pipe cleaners and bells and color Christmas pictures donated by Ms. Tracy. The kids apparently held a contest to see whose ornament was the best, but Cathy and I could only say that they were all winners! I will note, however, that Daniel J. (who has a age advantage over the kids given that he's 17!) is a wonderful artisan and made some very worthy-of-showcasing ornaments! 

The kids also received small gifts to take home with them. As the magi showed us with their offerings to Jesus, there's just something about answering one gift with another, even if one pales in comparison.

On a different note, there's a new swing on the playground! We're looking for parent input about it, so please let me (or John P.) know what you think about its safety, fun factor, etc. (And FYI: the plan is to center it in the future so it isn't so close to the poles).

That's it for now. Hope to see you Sunday!