School Ends and Summer Begins!

We had a fantastic summer kick-off yesterday! All ages gathered together for a small party to end the Sunday School year. Each child was given a lei and small trophy, accompanied by a statement of praise for each individual child’s special gift to the Sunday School classroom. I don’t know if I will remember this all accurately, but I’ll try my best:

·      Aaron: for the unending exuberance he exhibits each Sunday

·      Cameron: for the stellar social skills he brings to the Godly Play community

·      Eleanor: for the special sparkle and shine she takes with her wherever she goes

·      Elias: for his spirit of peace making (and for leaving his name tag in the silliest of places)

·      Emmalene: for the devotion to discipleship she shows each Sunday

·      Harley: for the contagious enthusiasm he brings to all that he does

·      Jack: for being a great learner

·      Lillie: also for being a great learner (it must run in the family!)

·      Rachel: for being a great listener in class

·      Simon: for his joyful smile and smiling eyes, both of which light up any room he’s in

Obviously there is more we could say about each child, but these are special gifts that have become apparent over the past several months. Contagious enthusiasm and joy, community building, intellect, peace-making, discipleship… we are blessed with a talented group of kids!

I’ll see you all next week, when we will be painting with Leslie Moon. The kids will dismiss after the children’s sermon, somewhere around 10:15, and Leslie thinks the lesson will last about an hour.

Hope to see everyone Saturday evening at drop off/pick up, but if not, see you Sunday!


PS: Here's a list of our upcoming Sunday activities. There are two Sundays we've yet to fill, but hope to soon. If you have a talent you'd like to share with the kids, please let me know!


June 18 - local artist Leslie Moon will lead the children in an expressive art project. It will be taught outside, and the children should dress to get messy! 

June 25 - flag football with Andy. There will be a secondary activity for those who don't want to play or are too young, etc.

July 2 - intergenerational worship -- no SF programming

July 9 - Danishes with Kathy W.

July 16 - Paint the Playground Day with John P.

July 23 - CX-led Summer Fun Sunday

July 30 - TBD

August 6 - Summer Science with Sara S.

August 13 - Summer Science with Lora and Jake

August 20 - TBD

August 27 - Summer Science with Lora and Jake