Art Project Success/Upcoming Flag Football

Our art project was a great success! The kids started with a communal art project—they were given an instruction on what to draw (such as, draw the smallest dot you can) then told to rotate to the next person’s spot and given another instruction. This went on until each child had been around the paper several times. The end result was a beautiful, colorful piece of art that shows what the children can do when they work together in community. For the second project, they painted to music, drawing what the music made them feel. They had a lot of fun with this one! The kids’ art will be showcased in the church, location to be determined.

This coming Sunday, June 25, Andy will lead the kids in flag football unless it’s too hot or raining, in which case we will have an age-appropriate Board-Game-a-Thon in Caton Hall.

While the older kids will enjoy a different project each Sunday, the Little Ones will meet in their classroom as usual. Ms. Erine and Ms. Khorey are our dedicated teachers this summer, however, we still need adult volunteers each Sunday to assist. Please let me know if you are able to sign up for a Sunday or two this summer.

Stay cool, and I’ll see you Sunday!