Off and Running! (plus Save the Dates and Sign Ups!)

Sunday School has gotten off to an awesome start! The kids have huddled around a watermelon “campfire”; (hopefully) learned the power of forgiveness, even for their siblings; taken a garden tour; written Haikus; and created homemade invitations to distribute for our Family Fun day on October 7th.  And we’ve only met twice!!

Our new youth class has met once, and from the description Irish gave me, the class couldn’t have gone better. We have such inquisitive and intelligent youth in our midst! I’m grateful to have them, and grateful for those who meet with them every 2nd and 4th Sunday to talk about matters of faith. If you’re interested in being one of those people, you can sign up here.

Ms. Tracy is back in our Little Ones class along with Erine and Khorey. This last Sunday Khorey and I attempted to teach the kids the motions to Father Abraham, and I began teaching them how to sign “Jesus Loves Me.” While Cove and Floyd looked at us like we were nuts and Edwin wore a look of vague amusement, they were definitely listening and even dancing along with the music! In the words of Floyd, “Yep, more.” Indeed!

Our first PNO was also a great success, with 12 kids in attendance. They enjoyed pizza and made crafts, and in general ran amok (in a good way).

In other news, this Sunday is intergenerational Sunday. Godly Play and Little Ones will meet as usual, but there will not be a Young Disciples class. You can find out more about the power of our intergenerational service of communion here.

Interested in providing snacks for the kiddos on Sundays? Sign up here!

Upcoming events: Family Fun day is on October 7th at Hillsmere beach, 11am setup, 12pm start. For more information on Family Fun day, contact Lora or Kathy M.

Also on October 7th is the annual Blessing of the Pets, which begins at 10am at the church. Bring your pet(s) for a laying on of hands that’s super cute and slightly smelly.

October 14th is our next PNO, 5-8 at the church. RSVP directly to Jamie, please!

October 29th we’ll have a joint Halloween/Reformation celebration, so perhaps come dressed as a 16th-century theologian?

Hope to see you Sunday, and happy fall!


Chair of Christian Ed