Welcome to 2018!

Believe it or not, this Sunday will take us into week four of the new year. It seems like we’ve been on break since Thanksgiving given an abundance of snow and sick days, but maybe week four will bring us back into the fold of routine.

Of course, with routine comes things like paperwork and annual meetings. :) If you haven’t received the youth registration and medical waiver forms to fill out and (preferably) return to me by the end of January, please let me know and I’ll email them your way! I can also bring hardcopies to church if that’s your preference. And if you’re interested in volunteering with the kids, there’s a form for that as well.

UCCA will hold its annual meeting February 11th, and I highly recommend attending! There’s a lot of moving and shaking going on at our small but mighty church, and the annual meeting is a great time to get caught up on it all as well as ask questions about the mission, vision, and finances of UCCA, among other things.

Christian Ed is gearing up for some great service projects, PNOs, and mission opportunities for 2018. More information on those things will come your way in the near future. In the meantime, I hope to see you and your kids this Sunday!