Elephant Snot, Fish Out of Water, Star Wars, Lost Sheep, and Infomercials: All in a Day's Work

This last Sunday was a lot of fun! Our guest pastor, Pastor Sara from Joy Reigns, gave a rousing children’s sermon full of elephant snot, Godly Play learned the Parable of the Good Shepard from Cathy and Elizabeth, and Edwin got lots of one-on-one attention from Erine and Tracy as he was the only one in the Little Ones class! In Young Disciples, we read aloud from the book of Mark. We talked about why in the world Simon and Andrew chose to drop their nets (and livelihood!) to follow Jesus, a guy they’d never met before. To that end, the kids made up and acted out commercials trying to “sell” viewers on Jesus. These commercials involved Pastor Sara’s son Nicholas flopping like a fish on the floor, Aaron informing us mid-commercial that he had popcorn in his teeth, and half the class singing the Gummy Bear song while the other half put their hands over their ears and tried to make the song go away. My favorite part, however, was the “ohhhhh” of understanding the kids made when we used Star Wars as an analogy for the day’s lesson.

This coming Sunday, Cathy will teach the Godly Play kids the Parable of the Sower, while both the Young Disciples (Anne) and CX (Irish) will have a rousing discussion of Psalm 111.

Some housekeeping:

If you’re interested in volunteering for a Sunday shift (greeter, usher, communion prep, fellowship, cleaning up, etc.), you can do so here, or just get in touch with Andy to let him know.

And if you want to bring a snack for the kids some Sunday, please email me with a date that works for you.

And don’t forget that Feb. 10 is a Parents’ Night Out! I need RSVPs by Feb. 7 if possible (but really, it’s okay to RSVP late if you must … I certainly know how things can change last minute!).

Hope to see you Sunday!


Chair of Christian Education