Small Steps ... Great Love

I can’t help it: I’ve not yet seen a baptism that hasn’t made me cry. Seeing Lydia and Sarah baptized brought me to tears (not the falling kind, just the prickly ones), and seeing the new members stretched out along the platform made my heart swell with possibility and gratitude! But then again, I’m kind of sappy.

Moving on … I’ve noticed that along with the dreary, droopy weather, some of our youngest members may have become dreary and droopy as well! No longer are they cavorting on the playground for hours after church while the parents drink coffee and fill up on the stories of one another’s lives. Nope, now we’re all stuck in doors, mostly sitting, and certainly not exerting the bundled-up energy of childhood. So what can be done so that our kiddos enjoy their time at our not-so-staid-but-still-not-a-playground place of worship? Send me a text or email to let me know, and we (the teachers) will do our best to make sure that the spring and summertime desire to get to church can still exist among the rain, slush, and cold. Because let’s face it: church is important for the lessons learned and spiritual growth gained, but it is also God’s gift to us of community and hospitality and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to socialize a bit with our church family and worship through the movement of our limbs and lungs.

What to add some nutritious energy-units to the kids on Sundays? Sign up here to bring fresh fruit.

Want your kiddo(s) to attend the Feb. 10th PNO? RSVP here.

We’re entering the season of Lent, so you may want to start talking to your kids/youth about what that means, and what they may want to give up for a bit. Rachel once forswore sprinkles (the cake decoration kind). I wasn’t so sure of that one, but after a brief internal struggle, I decided I was just glad that she was thinking about Lent at all. Parenting is a lot of small steps and internal struggles, I think. I’m so very glad that I can share in those steps and struggles with all of you!

See you Sunday,