Sundays past and future

After yesterday, I think we can safely say that our youth programming is never boring!

If you weren’t there, you missed a lovely worship service with all but the youngest kids sitting in the front of the sanctuary, although I use the word “sitting” loosely! In actuality we had a lot of kids laying down and coloring; playing Rock, Paper, Scissors; or, as was the case for one child (okay, it was Aaron), trying to knock over the alter. Towards the end of service, the kids made their way to the Godly Play room for a nutritious snack (thank you, McGarrys!), followed by a penguin walk to fellowship hall.

Despite their early exit, the kids really were well behaved! They are always encouraged to stay in the sanctuary should they want to, especially for the first Sunday of the month, which is when we have communion. Our childcare volunteers are happy to sit in the front (or back) with them if the parents would prefer it. Just let me know!

This coming Sunday, Feb. 11, is Transfiguration Sunday. The mystery and wonder of the Transfiguration will make up the bulk of YD and CX lessons, while Godly Play will be learning about Lent and the mystery of Easter. Some of our youth will also be learning about who St. Valentine was, making Valentine’s Day cards to send to those who could use a boost and connection to community, and enjoying a small Valentine Day celebration so we can focus on the New Commandment: to love one another as Jesus has loved us.

Dates to remember:

Feb. 10 – Parents’ Night Out! Please get in your RSVPs!

Feb. 11 – annual meeting!

Feb. 18 – Our Lent bible study starts! We’ll be studying the book of Job, which happens to be one of my favorites. The study will be held every Sunday from Feb. 18 through March 25, starts at 9am, and childcare will be provided. I highly recommend it!

Hope to see you Sunday!