Exciting News!

I’m excited to announce that this coming Sunday we will welcome a new childcare provider, Ms. Rachel Sitar.

Ms. Rachel has worked in childcare since 2014, is licensed in CPR, and is described by those who know her as calm and steady, even among the inevitable chaos of young children. She will spend most of her time with the Little Ones, but will also be available to help in Godly Play and Young Disciples as necessary. We look forward to Ms. Rachel’s assistance at PNOs and other extra-church events as well. So if you see a new face in the classroom, please take a moment to say hello and help Ms. Rachel feel welcome!

Thank you to all the parents and children who helped at our church work day! Things are looking spiffy, and I’m especially happy about the revamped Little Ones classroom, the “coloring” bench, and the rocking chair in the sanctuary. On a loosely related note, yesterday as I was clearing off the ushers' table, I found a Bible splattered with glitter glue. It was beautiful and summed up for me what it is about UCCA that I love so much. :) 

We have several events coming up, including:

March 24th March for Our Lives
March 29th Maundy Thursday Soup Dinner and Service of Footwashing
March 30th Service of the Seven Last Words at Asbury Methodist
March 31st The church will be open from 7am to 7pm for quiet reflection
April 1st     Easter!
                        Service at 8:15 and 10:30, communion at both
                        Pancake breakfast at 9am
                        Egg hunt at

Just so you Know:

March 18 lesson: CX and YD will focus on our covenantal relationship with God, studying Jeremiah 31:31-34. We will also have a belated St. Patrick’s Day class party, where we will learn who St. Patrick really was and what he did to serve his chosen community. Godly Play will continue its progression to the Mystery of Easter by hearing stories of Christ's life and his journey toward the cross and resurrection.

Hope to see you Sunday!