First Sundays – A Special Time of Worship!

Hi all,

Please join us this Sunday for our once-a-month intergenerational service as all ages join together in the sanctuary for a child- and adult-friendly service during which we will take communion together as the Body of Christ.

Communion has become a rote practice for many, as the significance of the act is lost to the mundanity of the routine. But we want our youth to know just how important this act is! So, if you have a moment to explain communion to your child(ren) prior to our First Sunday Intergenerational Service days, that would be great! A simple way to explain Communion to a young child could look something like this:

Taking communion goes all the way back to the earliest days of the church. In fact, it was Jesus Himself who began the tradition of communion. Right before He was crucified, He had a meal with His disciples, known as the Last Supper. Jesus knew He wouldn’t be with His disciples much longer, and so He made a point of giving part of Himself to them so that they could remember Him. 

The Bible says this is how it happened: “And Jesus took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, ‘This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.’ In the same way, after the supper he took the cup, saying, ‘This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you.’” 

From that time on, communion became a super important part of Christian worship. In the early days of the church, it wasn’t always easy to take communion or even to go to church at all, as not everyone wanted people to worship Jesus. But those who loved Jesus took communion anyway, even if they got in trouble for it, because they knew how amazing a thing it was to receive His gifts, and to do so together in community. Jesus did not intend for us to take communion alone, but instead to do so side-by-side with others, just as His disciples at the Last Supper did. Just as we take special meals together such as at Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, we are to take this most special of “meals” together as a whole church! So being in the church with the grown-ups for this time is really important and special!

Hope to see you and your little ones this Sunday for our time of Communion and worship!

Outcomes of Parent Meeting and Praying With Our Feet

On Wednesday evening, UCCA parents came together to eat pizza and discuss the upcoming fall season of Sunday School. As a team, those gathered decided UCCA youth would be best served by altering the current age and classroom breakdown:

Little Ones: 1–3

Godly Play: 4–6

Young Disciples: 7–10

TBD Youth Classroom: 11–13

I’m especially excited by the creation of the 11–13 classroom. That class will meet every second and third week, and we already have a handful of people eager to volunteer in the classroom!

Other topics discussed included the Children’s Sermon, creating a regular acolyte rotation, field trips, mission projects, and more!

This Sunday Suzie R. and Rick D. will lead the kids in the Summer Fun session, Praying with Your Feet. I think the kids will really enjoy this one!

Looking Ahead

Interested in bringing snacks for the kids one Sunday this fall? Sign up here.

Sign-ups for fellowship hour food, set-up, or clean-up can be found here.

The first PNO of the fall season will be on September 16th! You can RSVP here.

The first Sunday School class of the fall season is September 17th, which is also the day of our annual picnic. Mark your calendars!

See you Sunday,

Chair of Christian Education


This Sunday in Christian Ed...

Last Sunday the kids (and more than a few parents!) had a great time painting the playground. They were led by John and Daniel, who have spent many hours over the last several months working to make our playground as safe and welcoming as possible. If you haven't already, please take the time to say thank you to those two for all their hard work!

This week our Summer Fun program will be led by CX. This is sure to be a fun-filled activity as all ages of UCCA youth come together to spend time in community. 

Parents will soon receive in their inbox a survey to fill out prior to the July 26th parents' meeting.  It's short and sweet, so please take the time to fill it out, preferably by July 23, so CE can read through the responses prior to our meeting. 

Hope to see you all on Sunday!


Chair of Christian Education

Paint the Playground with John Plumley and All Parent Meeting

Just a reminder that this Sunday will be a Paint the Playground Day. Kids and any adults who want to help should plan on wearing clothes that can get messy. The painting will begin after the older kids dismiss from the Children's Sermon.

It's also our third Sunday potluck!

Upcoming date of interest:

July 26, 6:30pm will be our All Parent Meeting. It will be held at my house, and there will be food. Kids are welcome. : )

Hope to see you Sunday,


Intergenerational Service July 2nd, Danishes with Kathy July 9th

Who said corporate worship has to be done from the pews? Last Sunday the children were led by Andy in a fun game of flag football, which was a fun and meaningful time of community building and fellowship for our youngest congregants. This coming Sunday, July 2nd, is General Synod, which is where I will be. Those at UCCA will enjoy an intergenerational service—childcare will be provided for children 5 and under, while those over 5 will worship in the sanctuary. Summer programming will continue July 9th, when Kathy W. will lead the children in baking Danishes.

Our all-parent meeting in coming upon July 26th. If you don’t already have it on your calendar, add it now, and please send me your RSVP.  

Enjoy your week, and I’ll see you on July 9th, apron in hand.

Jamie, Chair of Christian Educatio

Art Project Success/Upcoming Flag Football

Our art project was a great success! The kids started with a communal art project—they were given an instruction on what to draw (such as, draw the smallest dot you can) then told to rotate to the next person’s spot and given another instruction. This went on until each child had been around the paper several times. The end result was a beautiful, colorful piece of art that shows what the children can do when they work together in community. For the second project, they painted to music, drawing what the music made them feel. They had a lot of fun with this one! The kids’ art will be showcased in the church, location to be determined.

This coming Sunday, June 25, Andy will lead the kids in flag football unless it’s too hot or raining, in which case we will have an age-appropriate Board-Game-a-Thon in Caton Hall.

While the older kids will enjoy a different project each Sunday, the Little Ones will meet in their classroom as usual. Ms. Erine and Ms. Khorey are our dedicated teachers this summer, however, we still need adult volunteers each Sunday to assist. Please let me know if you are able to sign up for a Sunday or two this summer.

Stay cool, and I’ll see you Sunday!



School Ends and Summer Begins!

We had a fantastic summer kick-off yesterday! All ages gathered together for a small party to end the Sunday School year. Each child was given a lei and small trophy, accompanied by a statement of praise for each individual child’s special gift to the Sunday School classroom. I don’t know if I will remember this all accurately, but I’ll try my best:

·      Aaron: for the unending exuberance he exhibits each Sunday

·      Cameron: for the stellar social skills he brings to the Godly Play community

·      Eleanor: for the special sparkle and shine she takes with her wherever she goes

·      Elias: for his spirit of peace making (and for leaving his name tag in the silliest of places)

·      Emmalene: for the devotion to discipleship she shows each Sunday

·      Harley: for the contagious enthusiasm he brings to all that he does

·      Jack: for being a great learner

·      Lillie: also for being a great learner (it must run in the family!)

·      Rachel: for being a great listener in class

·      Simon: for his joyful smile and smiling eyes, both of which light up any room he’s in

Obviously there is more we could say about each child, but these are special gifts that have become apparent over the past several months. Contagious enthusiasm and joy, community building, intellect, peace-making, discipleship… we are blessed with a talented group of kids!

I’ll see you all next week, when we will be painting with Leslie Moon. The kids will dismiss after the children’s sermon, somewhere around 10:15, and Leslie thinks the lesson will last about an hour.

Hope to see everyone Saturday evening at drop off/pick up, but if not, see you Sunday!


PS: Here's a list of our upcoming Sunday activities. There are two Sundays we've yet to fill, but hope to soon. If you have a talent you'd like to share with the kids, please let me know!


June 18 - local artist Leslie Moon will lead the children in an expressive art project. It will be taught outside, and the children should dress to get messy! 

June 25 - flag football with Andy. There will be a secondary activity for those who don't want to play or are too young, etc.

July 2 - intergenerational worship -- no SF programming

July 9 - Danishes with Kathy W.

July 16 - Paint the Playground Day with John P.

July 23 - CX-led Summer Fun Sunday

July 30 - TBD

August 6 - Summer Science with Sara S.

August 13 - Summer Science with Lora and Jake

August 20 - TBD

August 27 - Summer Science with Lora and Jake 

Summer's Finally Here! (and lots of other need-to-know info)

This Sunday should be a fun one! The schedule is a little wonky, but worth it, I think, for a fun summer kick off!

This Sunday’s schedule:

Little Ones: begin in the classroom, then go to children’s sermon, then (along with their teachers) to Caton Hall for a summer kick off! (Ms. Erine and volunteer Becca)

Godly Play: begin in the classroom, then go to children’s sermon, then back to GP for the lesson. After the lesson, GP students and teachers will join us for the celebration! (Cathy S. and Becca)

Young Disciples: begin in sanctuary, participate in children’s sermon, then dismiss to the summer celebration. (Jamie, Ms. Erine, Becca, and Cathy S.)

Snacks that consider dietary limitations will be provided. If you’d like to donate a food item or drink, please contact me by Friday at

Our summer is shaping up to be a fun one. We have the following programs lined up, with more to come!

·      June 11 – summer kick off! A small celebration in Caton Hall.

·      June 18 – expressive art with local artist Leslie Moon (dress for mess!)

·      June 25 – flag football and other outdoor event with Andy H. (dress for grass stains, and
       don’t make Saturday a bath night…)

·      July 3 – first Sunday intergenerational service (children sit on the front row; I will join them. 
      Others are welcome!)

·      July 9 – making Danishes with Kathy W. (bring an apron if you have one)

If you’re interested in signing up for a summer Sunday project post-July 9, please contact me ASAP at


If you haven’t already done so please RSVP for our very important Christian Ed planning meeting, where all interested parties get to have their opinions heard on what Christian Ed at UCCA should look like! This is your chance to get your great idea out there, don’t let it pass you by! ALL AGES will be discussed, from age 0 to 18).

Don’t forget that we have our LAST PNO OF THE SCHOOL YEAR on June 17, 5pm to 8pm, Caton Hall. The next PNO will probably be in September, so take advantage of this 3 hours of freedom while you can! Attendance is free, with a suggested donation of $10 per family. RSVP *NOW* to

Christian Ed Committee Meeting: My house, June 14, 10am, children welcome, snacks and coffee/tea provided.

And, as always, if you’re interested in volunteering with the children in any capacity, or being on the Christian Education committee, please let me know. There’s always a need!

See you Sunday,

Jamie, Chair of Christian Ed



May 28 Sunday School Info, Parents Night Out, and Important Summer News!

Thanks to Hannah and Matt for teaching Young Disciples last week while I was out sick. I missed the kids very much, but heard that Hannah and Matt did an excellent and fun job!

This week's YD class will be taught by Anne Eastman, assisted by Melissa. The kids will be learning about the Ascension from Acts 1:6-14.

Godly Play will be taught by Cathy Sanders, and assisted by Hannah.

Ms. Erine will provide care for the Little Ones. We are still searching for a volunteer to assist. If you're interested, please let me know!


June 17th is our next Parents Night Out, 5pm-8pm, Caton Hall. A light dinner will be provided. Childcare provider information to come.


Believe it or not, summer is almost here! June 11th will be our last "regular" Sunday School class (we will likely have a little party in each class), and June 18th will kick off our summer programming.

For the last two years, which is as far back as my institutional history goes, we have had a volunteer teach a special class to the kids. Examples have included baking bread, a nature walk around the church grounds, play-doh making, science experiments... you get the gist. 

If you would like to contribute your time and talents this summer, please let me know what kind of class you have in mind, and what date would work for you. We already have a volunteer who will conduct an art class (thank you, Leslie!), and it's possible Andy and I might get a flag football game in there somewhere...  

Also, if you know of someone who might like to lead a class or two but who isn't on this email, please forward it along and encourage him/her to get in touch with me.


Chair, Christian Education