Balance and Understanding in History

This past weekend an ugly friend as reared its head.  We called that friend racism. There was no need for loss of a life or harm to anyone because of race.  It is the same for gender, orientation, or faith. 

This is where I may be questioned.  I am of the belief that history is important!  My own heritage of being part Jewish only makes my point stronger.  I do not want that to be a reason to remove our history.  It is our history!  

I understand the anger and the need to show that anger. I also believe that ugly behavior is still ugly behavior, no matter which side.  I do respect that President Trump made the statement, "Racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans."  I hope he will stand by the statement.  

I hope the people out there who are saying remove the Confederate historical landmarks have an understanding what they are doing.  They are removing the history of our country.  We cannot change the past.  This is the mistake people did in WWII.  They hid the truth until no one could defend the citizens of Germany from themselves.

I have an idea and it may be stupid, but I will say it.  Change the message connected to the words.  Make it clear it is not an opinion but history.  People need to know history!

Violence is wrong against objects of history and Individuals.  God did not create life to watch it be destroyed by HATE.  LOVE is stronger than HATE!  Let our history remain; these people were children of God too!


Empathy, Sharing, and Realness!

This summer I'm enjoying people watching which is a real hobby.  One of the reasons Wal-mart is so popular after Midnight.  What I'm seeing in general is the lack of empathy, sharing, and realness in a lot of people.  I'm seeing more all about me over all about empathy, sharing, and realness.  Perhaps it's the times we are in, or people so involved in their lives they can't see people breaking down around them.  I don't know the answer, but they know if wish to answer it.

On the other hand, I have seen an increase in empathy, sharing, and realness with people of faith.  I don't just mean people of church.  I mean people that believe God is important and the God has a place in our lives.  These people give, care, and listen.  These people are not blind to human struggle.  These people take time with individuals who are tired, discounted, and fearful and remind them that empathy, sharing, and realness still exist. 

In this process of  trying to get my life back together, I can tell you that I am tired, discounted, and fearful.  I can tell you that some people have left my life because although they claimed to be real and true, they were blind to my struggles.  There are some still present that are blind to my struggles but I remain steadfast as I see their struggles.  A person of empathy, sharing, and realness  stays through the storms.  They stay even when it hurts. 

Empathy, sharing, and realness are important but you get hurt a lot.  You know you are being overlooked and walked on but you know love is real.  A true people watcher isn't watching for entertainment but human need.    

Empathy, Sharing, and Realness looks like this!!!

Empathy, Sharing, and Realness looks like this!!!

Post-It Notes

  • Stand with friends.
  • Let my own limits not limit your love for others.
  • Be the Best You that You can.
  • Remember we travel together.
  • What makes us real is our faults.
  • What makes us strong is facing our faults.

(These are spiritual ladder's rungs.)

The mirror on the floor
pieces everywhere
getting together
not sure what for.

She stands carefully
reconstructing her life
Some pieces so shattered
there is no reconstruction
only replacing.
The new pieces
become beautiful
and magical additions.

The mirror on the floor
pieces everywhere
some breaks
have reasons, have reasons.


The mirror is reconstructed
with some pieces
lost and never to be.
It is easy to say
it is incomplete
or mismatched.
Are we all incomplete and mismatched?
Are we all marked by
what, who, where, how, and why?

The mirror is fixed
and the beauty is
We are art.
We are ourselves.


In Memory of a Lost Friend

That cry for help
Over and Over
Met with fear
Fear of what?
Fear of trusting,
support, and guidance.
Fear of judgment,
excuses, and self.

To Overcome-
Means to face Fear!
Means to trust,
accept, and listen.
Fear means challenge,
attempt, and understand.
Strength is within
given by Our Creator!

Let the sunrise
and the sunset
with You
in the picture.
Let Your voice
still speak, laugh,
and sing.
Let it not be

Also, if you know someone with depression or just going through a hard time, please do all you can.  Be a support network.  Thank You!

How to measure a year...

There are physical, financial, mental, and spiritual. 
Here is the year 50:

I challenged physical limits and despite many daily setbacks am trying to get a handle on my physical health.   It is daily struggle. I need to not get mad at myself if I slip, but start over again.

I did to the best on my ability maintain my responsibilities and when I look at what I have, I cannot complain about what isn't paid.  I have to improve where I am.

I fought through some battles which I could have never gotten through mental strength.  I know I am strong, but I know the battle is a daily one.

Spiritually, you need to be able to feel the powerful energy of love, guidance, and support   There are times I had almost completely given up on people, but they surprised me by caring and being present in my life.

Photos: K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 10th, 11th.  Photo: April 2017, 50

My Spiritual Birthday Wish List

1. More openness with our supportive communities.
2. The ability to say "I need a good bear hug and lots of prayers."
3. Not feel bad because of what you don't have or can't afford to do. Some things money can't buy.
4. The permission to feel emotions and not have them be shutdown.  Emotions are healthy.
5. To love you as you are even with our differences. We could learn from each other and we do.

Could God make this possible???
I pray it can be done...I pray!!!

                                                             "God is still speaking."

                                                             "God is still speaking."

Taking a break from God?

Many people in the church take a break over the summer.  Activities change and they become more relaxed.  It would seem people are taking a break from God in the eyes of the church.  Has the church lost its value for them?  It could be that it is a time to explore and embrace the gift of God and faith.

What might we consider in this context?  It might be family time or reconnections with old friends by taking trips to resorts or amusement parks, where it is marketing experiences and activities for physical profit.  Nature trips from biking to hiking, camping and fishing, or nature watching to picnicking.  Sometimes it's just hanging out and chilling with no real plan.
But what looks like taking a break could be more.  Family and friends can be the difference between losing yourself in the day to day events.  The very act of being together is love itself and that is from God.  Planned experiences and scheduled activities release the requirement to set schedules and straighten things up.  You have permission to enjoy yourself and let your inner self play.  Nature speaks for itself, but everyone needs to embrace the gift of nature.  You can relax and be amazed at what God created.  Sometimes it's all about the random moments and basic planning.  What will happen will happen with no need to let it bother you.  

Taking a break from God?  Think about it again. God needs your experiences to continue to improve who we are.  God needs us ready to embrace the work that lays ahead.  Taking a break or spiritual growth?


Here is the greatest comedy of all, I'm learning more about my faith beliefs then I could imagine.  I am a mix of tradition and non-traditional.  I find joy in body prayer and biblical knowledge.  I like when the conflict between biblical days and the present are being addressed

I learned recently the differences in faith or religion are small. It comes down to these question often asking, "Are you a christian or Are you saved?"  Next it is what we call our faith.  Some people use the words Spiritual, Christian, faithful, and more.  Is faith not all of them?  Then there is the name for God and there are over 900 names from Our Creator, Abba, The Light, Elah, Jehovah, and Yahweh. 

What needs to happen?  We need to eliminate the walls between us and see that our similarities outweigh our differences.  Faith is an universal need. Being the people of God, we understand the value and strength is being people of faith.

trinity pic.png

Trinity Sunday: We are all connected!

Equally March June 11th

Printed with Permission from Chuck Riley

Please think about attending 6/11/2017...It is as important to show our presence NOW as it was then in the 1970's,80's 90's and 2000's. Realize that Supreme Court Declares Same-Sex Marriage Legal In All 50 States just two years ago, on June 26, 2015. Wayne and I have done marches together from our beginning in 1985. Wayne was at the first March on Washington October 14, 1979.

I could not attend but I was there in spirit.  Love is universal!!!


Dove/Good Family

A Family Affair

The Power of Love

Do I know you?

On Facebook, I receive requests about being friends.  Sometimes I get curious and ask "Do I know you."  I got to thinking about that question driving home Tuesday evening.

Over the years, I have enjoyed the blessing of expressing myself as a 3rd person.  Many times, I look in the mirror and ask myself, "Do I know you."  My answer to myself is NO!!! 
I know the child I was and the adult I became.  I could not see the person in the mirror but I know the grey or sometimes blue-looking eyes and wrinkles of wisdom.  I accept Erine for what has done but...

Do I know you? It is a silly simple question.  It is one I can't answer as I am not the same person I was in 2002 or 1984.  Some elements maybe the same but not the whole person. Our Creator is always changing us to benefit the plans already in place.  It is understood that both parties will benefit from what is done.  Trusting in the not knowing is critical.

In the end, it is the heart that defines who you are. I will replace the question.  The new question is "What makes me ME?"

Top: Aged 8 (1974), picture by Theresa...Center: The power of Mirrors...Bottom: Age 50 (Spring 2017) Selfie : D



Finding your way

Have you ever had to escape?

Have you ever had to look inside,

seeing the colors of your spirit

dancing from shades of darkness to shining white,

then spinning in circles and yet

the colors circle around the beauty

of the shining bright light,

telling you, "all is well."

I'm finding my way,

seeing with my heart and my spirit

that who I am and will be

will always change,

as we are forever finding our way.




A Teacher's Prayer

A teacher's prayer came unexpectedly as I was in the Pre-K classroom during rest time.  It was as if I words were being sent to me.  I knew two things with the first being my first class of children are graduating high school this year and I cherish my memories of these children.  This is my thank you to the countless children and teachers in my life.  Thank you....

teacher's prayer