I close my eyes and feel like I can touch the stars.

I imagine I am counting the textured bark of the tree.

I travel to a place in my mind & spirit called My Happy Space.

I stand by the ocean and talk with the waves.

I embrace the laughter of a child.

I seek out what others call ordinary.

I make time to volunteer my energy outside of myself.

I let the Sun and its warmth drink over me and travel into reflection.

I fall into moments of trance at the pattern of the rain.

I stand in a circle and hold hands for a moment of thought.

This is all a form of Prayer.

This is called the Power of 💘!!!

Changing Course

My boat was stuck and it was going in circles. I would tell my mind the places were new but my mind knew better. My sails grew weary of the same winds and I refused to see so I compensated by getting oars. These oars just made me more frustrated. I crashed into the beach and fell to the ground. My Cries for help seemed fruitless or so I thought.

The Winds of Change came quick and the storm that I thought would take me out picked me up. There in the winds I landed in a new place and what was familiar seemed pointless. I found the hope I was looking for and the opportunities lost to the same old winds. This is what change feels like and this what change is. The most fearful thing is standing still. I see questions now looking for answers; let change happen.

Can We Go Back (After We Have Changed)?

We have Climbed,

Fallen Down,

Gotten Up,

Started Over

Learned from our lessons.

Can We Go Back?

We have Expressed,



Acted on what We

Learned and Saw.

Can We Go Back?

We have Encountered,




Experienced Human Bonds.

Can We Go Back?

When We Can

If We Could

Would We, Should We…

Can We Go Back?

Wayne Schwandt

These years have passed quickly and what seems like a lifetime is only 4 years of words remembered, laughter, original blessing, and our potluck conversations with some meals being less than balanced. Wayne, your energy and spirit, still flows through our hearts. Your messages have new audiences and they will never know the power of your voice but we do. You were welcoming and warmth, reminding us we were not original sin but a blessing.

All of us have changed and our places in our spirit and temple have adjusted. We climbed mountains and got through valleys because we found our chosen family in our gatherings. This is true even if some of us do not see each other eye-to-eye, we are still family. Thank you Wayne. Thank you for your vision and drive to see the power of loving wastefully. Thank you for your words that would shake the trees of their nuts and plant new thoughts. Thank you for for all encompassing love that still grows within all of our beings.

I still miss your warm encompassing hugs that felt like pure unfiltered love coming through. I still miss those unfiltered moments of being straightforward with us and letting the truth drop of our thirsty beings. I enjoyed the openness of our discussion groups and miss the challenging of what society calls normal. I loved the physical and mental/spiritual breaks from the daily drama of life. Again, thank you for your vision and for sharing your vision with us.

(((This is my HUG to you, Wayne.)))

Love Always,


Christmas Party 2014 & the Snowman

Christmas Party 2014 & the Snowman

Reflections from Easter Services...

The Words came out

He understood

They understood

It is a connection…

The Journey.

Truth is an enemy

to those that do not have sight

and discomfort is a price,

yet through discomfort

comes Love in the Garden

of the Spirit.

With discomfort life comes

and that bond is build,

Simply Breathing,

the Gift of Letting Go

and Renewal of Love.

With life comes concerns

and those concerns


around and under,

Letting feelings of Abandonment,

Longing, and Acceptance

through the ability to Lament.

Lamenting has power

and that understanding will

discover that Thirst is present.

For without Thirst,

there is no desire to Seek,

Seeking is action and service;

for which

the Mission that was set forth

can be Completed,

making the Reconnection

to what matters most.

Yet many want to try

and carry the load


when what is needed

is the Relationship.


By the strength of an Upmost

Forever Being Made of Love,

this plane feeling

of the daily crucifixion

can have Hope that Breakthroughs

are not Lost but Given.

“Wholeness is Love.”

Definition Of A Life

It’s almost seems that we are defining Jesus’s life in pieces of a puzzle. It is like someone decided which had more value, thinking only of their purpose. We focus on his birth and his walk into “death.” The middle has missing pieces, which seems lost to time.

The only difference between Jesus and Humankind is we don’t receive “death” like that. Our being disappears in a box of names of lost DNA. Our being could become pieces of a puzzle only or just a name, The challenge of defining a life is for most of Humankind will only see a piece or pieces. This does not tell the whole story. The pieces are lost. Humankind cannot understand why their lives are in pieces yet we have a higher expectation of Jesus’s life.

Jesus’s life had the same challenges of Humankind. I’m sure he did not understand that his purpose was a greater one. The pieces had to be rediscovered. They had to be placed in order so understanding could occur. Once he understood, he accepted the purpose.

How does this fit into Humankind? We have the same challenges which are the missing pieces and expectations of others and ourselves. We don’t understand and we want to understand yet it remains a mystery. We wonder how we define a life, WE DO!

Here is what we know, we all have an Universal Father and Mother. We know Our Universal Father and Mother have expectations of us. They understand our puzzle pieces. They understand our lives and the required adjustable paths. The expectation of defining a life is unreasonable. The best we can do is to understand what the Divine means for us to understand. Jesus’s life had a purpose and the Divine, Our Universal Father and Mother, wanted this to be known.

“Life is to be lived, and the pieces will come.”

Erine Sedicum 4/16/19


I have spent my life learning about God and how I thought I knew God. God was always this mysterious being that was always present but almost untouchable unless you were in some special class of people. You had to prove that you were good enough to be of God. That concept lost me and I cannot understand why as it would seem that God is judging us. I understood that God does not judge yet that felt like the case.

Over time, I discovered text and experiences about God and how it was not a simple subject. God has many names and paths of connections to our universe and ourselves. We are united as God would not be able to be present if there were not people who could be delivers of what had to be done or said. Many will disagree if I were to say that God is also in living things beyond ourselves. God is everywhere and not the high superior being that can solve it all.

God gives us questions, answers, wisdom, and a plan of action to complete the tasks in our life plan and that path can change. We need not instruct Our Creator in what is expected as the tools are in the box, if we listen and seek the message meant for us. Fear is crippling us in the message that divine love is possible, and the most powerful gift given.

What is God, Our Creator, Holy One, and the divine to me? It is the idea that when I feel like my life has completely fallen apart, I don’t feel alone. When I need that reminder that I am not the screw-up that people thought I was, I see the light of pure beauty, yellow shining through the trees of my being. The strength to stand in front of the flames of struggle and learn to put that out. The ability to use the same flames to light the way for others. God is everywhere and God lives in Us.


We spend our lives making decisions. We decide where we live, what we eat, who we see, and what interests us. We quickly forget them sometimes, and make decisions without deciding the possible outcome. We think we have it together and something can go out of place and you are left with mayhem.

This story on Sunday was about decisions. It was a foolish decision to give up the security of home to take 1/2 of his father’a life, in theory, and try to go without guidance and support. It was about seeing the value in who remains and understanding that everyone is important to understanding and love. The interesting part was how the story lefts out all the character in the story. Pastor Ryan pointed out that there were no women in the story. How would a woman have adjusted the outcome of the story? The son made the decision and the father agreed.

There is no need to complete the story because we know the outcome yet everyday somewhere this story plays out and the imbalance is not lost on people of different cultures. The western culture calls it the young man’s problem, and the others (Russia, Arab, and Kenya) all see the situation around the young man. I asked someone from the India area and she pointed out the dissatisfaction. There are many answers but it comes down to decisions.

We all have to made them but the challenge is seeing the outcome in our decisions. Ask yourself about your decisions, and see how it benefits the quality of life for the people around you, your community, and your future. Think about your decisions and learn from seeing when decisions go wrong. Thank you Ryan for an important and open-minded look at the challenging story of the Prodigal Son.


HELPING HANDS equals LOVE. In a WORLD where people are dividing themselves, it is nice to be a position of having helping hands. Many cannot understand the concept and the question the purpose when no money exchanges hands, Is LOVE not MONEY for our being? Think about that question for a moment.

Recently, my life has been consumed with helping my friend and their family move and readjust their life. In the process, my life has gotten busier and crazier, but that’s cool. For the first time since the breaking up of my own family in body and spirit, I have felt whole or like the memories can be memories. I have embraced the GIFT of THE CAPITAL CALLED LOVE. Not that I did not know but LIFE can taint you.

Being HELPING HANDS can be the greatest GIFT in LIFE. THE CAPITAL OF LOVE is needed in this WORLD. THE COURAGE to say LOVE IS MONEY FOR OUR BEING means we are givers of LOVE and it still has a place in THIS WORLD. How will YOU be a HELPING HAND and put CAPITAL BACK into the WORLD around YOU? I KNOW this community has given THE CAPITAL OF LOVE and I am glad that this community has shared their GIFT with ME. Again I ask this, How will YOU be a HELPING HAND and put CAPITAL BACK into the WORLD around YOU?


Authentic Self

We place ourselves in a place, a moment, or an activity where we believe we belong. When our true self comes to surface, we discover what is real and what is covering. We discover the stars do align if we see with our inner self.

The authentic self is a beautiful thing when permitted to come to the surface. We live in an age of challenging the normal expected standards. We know the expectations if we are willing to seek what we need an understanding of. Our being is in harmony with itself.

If we are are feeling out of sorts, perhaps it is not the people around us but ourselves. Perhaps, our authentic self is coming out and the time has come that we embrace who we are. Let our true spirit and selves dance in their glory.

Word Play

Hunger = Desire

Appetite = Passion

Taste = Experience

Cuisine = Culture

Spice = Choices

Appeal = Presentation

Diet = Knowledge

We so often look for one way of seeing a word. The power of the word can only be displayed in the structure of its usage.

The hunger of the soul tastes the diet of the words. The appetite grows and with that the spices dance in harmony. The cuisine can only appeal to those who see that hunger is so much more. The experience of the opportunities have made me feel completely ready for the journey ahead.

Thank you for the power and blessing of words for they are fiends.


We live our lives feeling numb. We do not want to own up to feeling numb. Many in society choose to live in that state. I'm happy I'm not one of them.

People do not understand the importance of awareness. They're happy where they are and cannot see. Awareness is required, making the future changes a valid option. We continue this battle to stress the importance of the world around us.

Let your awareness all of the world around you grow. Potentially we can only grow. Let growth be the gift you give yourself this lent season, so another words, break your comfort zones. Test your limits!

Women’s Unity March in Annapolis, March 2nd, listening to the speakers


Breaking Free

Writers cope with the pen. We are better speakers this way. All of my life, I have struggled with third person. I am noticing that I am beginning to use the word I in place of Erine.

It's a scary thing when you begin to break through the layers. It's a scarier thing, when those same words that were used to hold you down want to come back up again. It's a beautiful thing, when you tear each word down, even if it's one word at a time.

I still recall the words and I am not afraid of utter them. These bitter words are now going to be public. They are the following:

1. Cow

2. Fat ugly legs

3. Accident

4. Retarded

5. Nice (double meaning)

These are the ones I'm ready to deal with. Thank you for your support. These word will be replaced.

“ if you don't like what you see in the mirror, change it.”

Reverend Wayne Schwandt, Evolve Christmastide reflection

The Egg Song






Coat… (Break 4 beats)



Fix, (Pause) Maybe?



Share… (go straight into…)

It’s a rhythm,

it’s a beat,

Hearts, Hands, and Feet

Filling, Chocolate, and treat…

Community that speaks

Something Magical and Sweet <3 <3

coconut egg.jpg



It is peace and sweet!

This is Dark Chocolate Coconut Cream.

Social Justice

Why is social justice still an issue? Why does the society continue to make judgments about other races, genders, faith beliefs, and our pronouns? Why do not want discussion when common ground is connection to each other? Why do we continue on acting like these challenges don’t exist?

Why then do we have so many people coming together to do what is being done? People are beginning to honestly discuss the challenges between races, genders, and faith beliefs, and our pronouns. The organizations are many and they understand the challenges of these open discussions. The challenges are not always spoken but you can feel the tension when the discussion opens up. People said the truth and it is a bitter pill to swallow. People push back their conversation when they need to feel free to express it. Social justice begins when the push back is put away.

Social justice means taking risks. It means saying that so many talk and take no action. It points out that people need to see the viewpoint of the other side even if they can never understand the struggle of the people who live with the judgments. This is everyone’s fight and it will never be settled down because nothing ever settles. Stand Up for other races, genders, faith beliefs, and our pronouns. Together, we can change what must be changed.

ACT & The Church Community

Last week, I addressed the church community and it's outreach. Now, that the government has a temporary opening, we need not be comfortable. The churches need to do what they did in the past and ACT is a form of that.

ACT was formed because people were concerned that the issues were being overlooked. Their voices were left in a maze and no way of being heard. People discussed their concerns and decided the church community had the ability to bring people together. Their concerns and stories have people who want to listen.

The issues requiring addressing were:

1. Affordable housing

2. Safe and effective schools

3. Effective and useful public transportation

4. Freedom from addiction and mental health challenges

5. Just and Fair immigration policies

6. Gun Violence Reduction and Safety in Our Communities

They meet on the concerned subjects and bring awareness to the subjects. The experiences make the difference! ACT is community activism and faith in each other. Are you willing to do what you can?

Spiritual shutdown vs societal shutdown

Churches are an important part of the community. They play a role in everyone's life whether we realize it or not. They play a role in government as well. Many of the programs used today, from food programs to housing assistance, started in the church. Only after their success did the government feel the need to regulate it.

Today contract workers and federal employees are trying to figure out what to do about their situation.  Many will not go to their Church community because they feel disconnected. They do not know what to expect, as many are under the impression that they are well-established and are prepared for these situations. They isolate the truth and it leaves them isolated.

How does this fit in with the church and expectations during the government shutdown? The church itself will lose as many that support the community as now requires support. They need to shift gears and look inside the church. The fragile connections show at these moments, forcing people to see the community as a whole entity. Surprisingly these connections come alive, and support is without question. The very programs started here have a quiet awakening and people understand that we are ourselves a government of faith, support and spirit. We are the healers.

The answer is this: The church needs to become what it once was. The church is a place where healing and growth are more important than the expectations of society.  The church taught us that we need each other and community is just that. The disconnect has turned support and understanding of human needs into a battleground. Churches need to unite and express their concern over their communities, whether people are in attendance or not. People don't want to struggle, work without pay, or feel isolated. Let us use this government shutdown as a wake-up call. This is the duty of the Church community.


We talk about community connections. Many churches and communities remain self-contained. They feel they need to stay within themselves. Their outreach is limited by their comfort zone. When we need to be breaking comfort zones.

Outreach is important because we all go through struggles. Support is very important, and people need an understanding community or communities to be present. In many cases, the benefits cross both parties and a bond is developed that can expand the gift of reaching out to those in need. Outreach is passed on through the sharing on support and understanding.

Outreach is also education, whether it is a forum, discussion, activism, or marches. Being informed is critical to starting the process of establishing networks. Networks creates outreach opportunities that can lead to other opportunities. This is empowerment and self-regulation.

The next time the opportunity is given to become involved in a community-based action why not try it. There could be a lesson meant to be learned or shared, but if the idea of risking getting involved is challenging then think about the people before you. They took a risk and outreach is a risk. How can break down the differences if we don’t risk ourselves in outreach?

A Body & A Cot

We spent our lives trying to seek what is already there. During Winter relief January 2019, we help out a community that needs a support network. Many see these people as a body and a cot. They don’t have a story and what brought there was their issue. People don’t want to see themselves.

When you are with them, whether it is helping with coffee, hot water, creamers, or refilling sugar they are telling a story. When you bring your coffee and sit with them and everyone shares their story it is clear, they are more than a body and a cot. Some talk about the meals made by their family, the funny pages, and things they have to do. There is no coating of language in the twilight hours. We talk and our connection is refreshing.

The next the opportunity comes to reach out and help the community, do it. You will discover that someone can be completely different from you and your stories have a common thread. In this case, it is about looking at people beyond their situation. They are more than a body and a cot. They are us, and we are them. I look forward to next year, who is with me?