Support Soup


Community (Family, Friends, Co-Workers, & Classmates)

Faith Structure and/or Church Belief





Moments (different cuts)

In the pot, we call community, we mix the ingredients.  First, we place faith or beliefs in the pot as they was with us when we were welcomed into our community.  We add knowledge from our different experiences.  Through these experiences called moments, we learn perseverance, trust, and love.

The challenge in mixing the recipe is how it is mixed.  Some mix the ingredients in a way that limit perseverance, trust, and love.  It is the moments that can change the results.  The risk is putting yourself second.  The reward is the healing of both parties.  It is a risk worth taking. 


Share the soup.  Let the gift of perseverance, trust, and love grow and takeover.  Enjoy recreating this recipe.