Thank you for Loving...

I spent the weekend celebrating my mother, Patsy, Patty, or Patricia.  It depends on how you knew her.  She would have been 71 on October 23rd.  It is hard to believe she has been gone over 17 years.  My friends from AACC Sandi, Sam "spiritual sister & Wildcat", and my Charlotte's Chapel family made this weekend special. 

Thank you to Sam for your advice, "Celebrate your mother."

Thank you to Sandi for the gift in memory to my mother to help me see Chris Tomlin, Matt Maher, and Darren Whitehead, Tomlin's preach.  It was a great night!!!

Thank you to Charlotte's Chapel family for sharing a beautiful Sunday and being good company. 

I thank anyone who takes the time to stop and share a piece of themselves with each other.  You don't know what you do.  Thank you for sharing and continue these wonderful acts.

Here is a sample of the Chris Tomlin Concert/Worship: