Path of Negativa

EVOLVE is many things and this community embraces what many run from.  Who wants to face their struggles, challenges, and losses.  Who wants to see darkness.  Who wants to only embrace the positive and happy.  These are not questions but commentary.  

The movie, Inside Out, was groundbreaking in understanding the different emotions.  Happy always wanted happy.  She continued to push Sad away until...  I remember the moment well when I was crying.  The girl experienced loss of a game but her world it was big.  She was upset but after her parents embraced the moment of loss she was able to grow from the moment.  Happy understood that lives are multi-emotions.  

For all living things, death is the hardest.  Our community celebrates All Saints Day, November 1st.  I would like to say, "Thank you."  This day lets me cherish and love these in my life for what they have given so I can continue to give.  Their lessons live on.  By sharing them, if only in spirit, means Negativa is a path to better things.  Embrace the opportunities.