Slaves (just to make you think)

The AM service covered the The Parable of coins the master and his 3 slaves.  Here is what is interesting about it.  It is about wealth, ambition, and greed.  The ethical part of the slaves were overlooked.  It was rewarded when 5 coins to become 10 coins.  It was fair for 2 coins to become 4 coins.  It was not satisfying for the 1 coin to remain the one coin.  This slave received isolation from his world.

How to put this in today's world?  Today our current generation knows very little about struggle.  Their world has many safety nets.  There is a lack fear of falling through society's cracks.  For many, struggle is their best friend and they plod along.  Other people see only what they want to see.

How does slave fit in this?  Slave is someone who works very hard without appreciation, excessively depended upon or controlled by material or personal items, and a device controlled directly by another.  In the parable above, the slaves were all three components.  The needs of the master and the material wealth.  We are no different!  Our masters are our jobs, bills, responsibilities, and rules.  We are slaves to these items, plus money, position, and power rule our thoughts and beings.

What can we do?  The slave that believed in what he knew to be factual was real.  The price of this is great but when you can stand with your position then hopefully we can see beyond wealth, ambition, and greed.  It would nice to have sharing and support, justice and equality, and love and trust.   This I could be a slave to.