Living Real Life

We spend our lives trying to live real life.  In a frank discussion, Rob (my rock) and I talked about Christmas.  We discussed how people expect gifts this time of year.  I was honest and stated I have no means to give this year.  I stated that time is so much more valuable or helping when in need.

If you really look at Maslow's chart, you realize how much of ourselves are based on our needs.  We see the exterior needs over this season but fail to understand the real needs.  When those around us or ourselves don't have the basic needs this season is difficult.  We have to embrace the belief of physical giving as we cannot offend those that have or think they have.  I accept I can't give so therefore I say think about need first but give what you can from the heart.

The Gift that matter to me are simple:

1. Come workout with me.
2.  Share a cup of coffee together and talk.
3.  Go laugh at something funny and enjoy yourself.
4.  Share a night with games or a movie, or perhaps an adventure.
5. Let people see the real you.
6. Trust each other and support each other.
7. Help out someone in's priceless!!!

Let us give these gifts <3 <3 <3
Thank You