Gift means

Gift has many means from physical to spiritual.  Yet I find it almost funny how the meaning of gift has become one-sided.  In a recent discussion with friends, the issue of gift-giving was brought up.  Some struggle to understand that sharing time, support, listening, and joy is not a gift.  They expect the physical gifts and don't understand the importance of the spiritual gift.  They think it produces happiness within themselves and it does not.

I lost my mother in 2000 to cancer and she focused on physical gifts.  I still own some which is humor in itself.  My favorite gifts were her postcards from her travels personal or professional as she took the time to stop. write, and send me a piece of her journey.  My favorite spiritual gift was her determination to battle whatever life throw at her to only say, "Bring it on!"  

Evolve lost Rev. Wayne Schwandt in May 2015.  The physical I got from Evolve and Wayne was touch.  I am not one to scream the road is rocky but this community permitted me to go on the rocky road and find a place for foot.  The spiritual gift was faith that Our Creator would be present and supportive despite me being someone that struggles to find my place in the madness of society.  

Whatever gift means, it should not be taken lightly.  The way I see it, we are all gifts.  I like that the best!