Here is the greatest comedy of all, I'm learning more about my faith beliefs then I could imagine.  I am a mix of tradition and non-traditional.  I find joy in body prayer and biblical knowledge.  I like when the conflict between biblical days and the present are being addressed

I learned recently the differences in faith or religion are small. It comes down to these question often asking, "Are you a christian or Are you saved?"  Next it is what we call our faith.  Some people use the words Spiritual, Christian, faithful, and more.  Is faith not all of them?  Then there is the name for God and there are over 900 names from Our Creator, Abba, The Light, Elah, Jehovah, and Yahweh. 

What needs to happen?  We need to eliminate the walls between us and see that our similarities outweigh our differences.  Faith is an universal need. Being the people of God, we understand the value and strength is being people of faith.

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Trinity Sunday: We are all connected!