Taking a break from God?

Many people in the church take a break over the summer.  Activities change and they become more relaxed.  It would seem people are taking a break from God in the eyes of the church.  Has the church lost its value for them?  It could be that it is a time to explore and embrace the gift of God and faith.

What might we consider in this context?  It might be family time or reconnections with old friends by taking trips to resorts or amusement parks, where it is marketing experiences and activities for physical profit.  Nature trips from biking to hiking, camping and fishing, or nature watching to picnicking.  Sometimes it's just hanging out and chilling with no real plan.
But what looks like taking a break could be more.  Family and friends can be the difference between losing yourself in the day to day events.  The very act of being together is love itself and that is from God.  Planned experiences and scheduled activities release the requirement to set schedules and straighten things up.  You have permission to enjoy yourself and let your inner self play.  Nature speaks for itself, but everyone needs to embrace the gift of nature.  You can relax and be amazed at what God created.  Sometimes it's all about the random moments and basic planning.  What will happen will happen with no need to let it bother you.  

Taking a break from God?  Think about it again. God needs your experiences to continue to improve who we are.  God needs us ready to embrace the work that lays ahead.  Taking a break or spiritual growth?