How to measure a year...

There are physical, financial, mental, and spiritual. 
Here is the year 50:

I challenged physical limits and despite many daily setbacks am trying to get a handle on my physical health.   It is daily struggle. I need to not get mad at myself if I slip, but start over again.

I did to the best on my ability maintain my responsibilities and when I look at what I have, I cannot complain about what isn't paid.  I have to improve where I am.

I fought through some battles which I could have never gotten through mental strength.  I know I am strong, but I know the battle is a daily one.

Spiritually, you need to be able to feel the powerful energy of love, guidance, and support   There are times I had almost completely given up on people, but they surprised me by caring and being present in my life.

Photos: K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 10th, 11th.  Photo: April 2017, 50