Cell Phone

Here I am.  I am your best friend.  You don't need physical conversations as you have me, the cell phone, as the conversation piece!  There are things that can be said that not all parties will know about.  In a way, it is a method of being rude to you.  It is not my fault, as the humans holding me are in control of my use. 

My purpose is to make life easier.  The humans who hold me do not understand that I am an object.  It is not my intention to be a shield from real and pure human connections. I am sorry if I hurt you.  I wish I could let humans know.

Let me try,

"Hello, this is your cell phone.  I want to tell you there are people out there that use me as a cover.  I am an electronic device.  I do not have feelings to share, physical ways to touch in spirit, and I am data.  It disturbs me that humans have come to rely on me so-o-o much. 

I understand the uses of the phone like the camera, apps, and phone calls.  I don't understand why you need me when you have people you can talk to and make connections.  I am replaceable!  People are not, and relationships are fragile and beautiful.  Please put me down and let me charge.  As I am charging, be a friend to the people around you.  They need you.  Man made the cell phone, but God made man.  Please listen to me."