Empathy, Sharing, and Realness!

This summer I'm enjoying people watching which is a real hobby.  One of the reasons Wal-mart is so popular after Midnight.  What I'm seeing in general is the lack of empathy, sharing, and realness in a lot of people.  I'm seeing more all about me over all about empathy, sharing, and realness.  Perhaps it's the times we are in, or people so involved in their lives they can't see people breaking down around them.  I don't know the answer, but they know if wish to answer it.

On the other hand, I have seen an increase in empathy, sharing, and realness with people of faith.  I don't just mean people of church.  I mean people that believe God is important and the God has a place in our lives.  These people give, care, and listen.  These people are not blind to human struggle.  These people take time with individuals who are tired, discounted, and fearful and remind them that empathy, sharing, and realness still exist. 

In this process of  trying to get my life back together, I can tell you that I am tired, discounted, and fearful.  I can tell you that some people have left my life because although they claimed to be real and true, they were blind to my struggles.  There are some still present that are blind to my struggles but I remain steadfast as I see their struggles.  A person of empathy, sharing, and realness  stays through the storms.  They stay even when it hurts. 

Empathy, sharing, and realness are important but you get hurt a lot.  You know you are being overlooked and walked on but you know love is real.  A true people watcher isn't watching for entertainment but human need.    

Empathy, Sharing, and Realness looks like this!!!

Empathy, Sharing, and Realness looks like this!!!