Light Language Workshop

I love a good challenge and I have one today (in writing this).  On Saturday September 9th, I attended my first workshop about Light Language.  I only read about it on Facebook through my niece, Carleigh Kaiser, who was doing it.  I attended it as I'm a believer in what is spiritual.  I believe that God is greater than what I learned in my tradition faith structure.  There are gifts God gives that we have yet to tap into.

What is Light Language?  It is spiritual, internal, balancing, healing, and empowering.  It is language for the soul and the heart speaks Light Language.  There are two important definitions of Light Language.  The first one is Glossolalia is speaking a variety of different languages, unknown sounds, or a non-sense language.  The other is Xenolalia, which is speaking in many real languages or your non-native language.  It is about being authentic and aligned with your inner self.

The presenter, Carleigh Kaiser, did tones or tongues in the tradition faiths.  It ran through us and we could feel the power of the energy travel through us. It was startling as the tones found my arthritis.  I was surprised that my physical discomfort from the condition was reduced.   Next, we did an exercise with two statements.  It was about the tones and the sound.  Carleigh got us into the written format an it was very interesting as there were differences between my right hand and my left hand.  The physical was the movement part and our body knows what movements it needs to make.  

Light language is about the body and inner self connecting.  I connected to my inner self and was able to see within my mind what I needed to see.  My energy was renewed and my belief that God created us to have a higher awareness is established.  How is it helping in my traditional faith structure?  I am more open to ideas outside of my own environment.  I can push my judgments aside better.  I understand the difference between being negative and challenging myself better.  

If you have an interest in the subject, please let me know.   I will gladly get you additional information.



Can you see the difference in the two hands?  It was amazing to see...

Can you see the difference in the two hands?  It was amazing to see...

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