Christian: To Be or Not To Be???

Rev. Dr. Terry Fitzgerald of the 6:00 pm service addressed the questions of God, Jesus, and Christianity.  Her first question was "Who is Jesus?"  Second question was "Who is Jesus to you?"  Third question was "Are you a Christian and why you are or not?"  I could give you some of our answers but I thought more about questions and I wanted to address them.

Here is my updated response to all I heard and my own experiences with my walk of faith.  It is a prayer:

We all walk different journeys

and our beings see not only through our body but our spirit...

We know faith is challenging in difficult times as well as victories

Yet faith isn't written in a book or a structure but within us...

We need not look to one place seek spiritual wisdom

for Our Creator gave us the greatest gift possible...

The gift of an open mind.

Let the gift of an open mind declare

that Jesus was and still is an instrument to greater knowledge,

for which united the bodies and spirits. 

May all our journeys be an instrument to our wisdom...

I declare myself to be a person of faith.