Purpose: Reflection from Bible Study Romans 9 to 12

We question why life is what it is. Why some of us struggle and yet feel like we are receiving nothing. Why others have it all or so it seems. These are not questions but reflections. If I had a question, it would be only one. My question is, what is the purpose for everything?

The additional questions only have to clarify the purpose and how it happens. The comedy is this, we don’t know until it happens. It is then we question with all the smaller daily ones. It is then, when we wonder over and over.

The path to purpose is not easy to explain or understand. It has so many unexpected options not written by us. We only know that it is written. We have to trust what is written if we are to see the questions to ask!

The answer to the main question of what is the purpose for everything is knowledge, growth, and living. It is all we can do.