Process over Product

We too often focus on product over process. The process outweighs the product as process is learning. Product is the end result and someone is always ready to look at product to see if it can improved. The same idea happens in life.

In daily life, it happens everyday and WE don’t realize it. It happens when your kids go to school, and learn. Writing starts with scribbling, and reading starts with looking at the book. In the workplace, when you learn new skills and changes fields of employment. Then there is community organization, and that runs from the church to the government. The number of community organization actions that began with one person or an idea are endless. This is process becoming product.

For me, it is my development from lacking confidence in myself to seeing my struggles as healing tools for others and myself. I only recently have discovered the power of my voice, and how to use it. Process over Product should be the bigger deal as learning and growing in lifelong. Thank you to everyone who helps and understands the idea and struggle in have this insight.