Finding Meaning in the Chaos

As a marketing event happens in three days, please remember that the mall, manufacturers, and other merchandisers did not create Christmas. Christmas was created by divine power that I will not argue with who created Christmas. Some people say Christmas is based in paganism. Other folks will say it was incorporated into early Christianity to encourage the other beliefs into early Christianity. I will not debate that as who has that much energy debate where it comes from.

I will say the principal of Christmas is simply this, which is put each other people first. An understanding that each of us needs to be loved. That love does not come in a box, that love does it know what wrapping paper looks like, that love doesn't know dollar values, and love definitely does not know ugly sweaters (as fun as they maybe 😉).

Love this year for me, correction Christmas gifts, was having lunch with a friend on a Sunday morning when I skipped church (yes, I missed church) to be with a few co-workers but mostly to be with her. It was rainy but I had an amazing time. Having someone actually listen to me, accepting my input and seeing the validity and what I were saying. The Biggie was accepting me where I am now and where I will be going. That is my biggie...

If they can sell that at the mall, they are good.

I wish everyone a beautiful, loving, warm, and spiritual Christmas. I love you all and I hope you all embrace gift of each other.