Voices of Hope

We are Voices of Hope…

The song we sing

is one of courage,

delighting in the challenge

of what must be done.

We climb the walls

build by injustice

whether we are

in the pulpit, classroom,

or in the community.

We are Voices of Hope…

We follow the path

and our hands

are linked to the greater

yet diverse world.

We will always be

Voices of Hope…

We start movements,

coming together in moments

of challenge and need,

Our being in the Kindom

can only grow with strength,

trusting each other.

We are Voices of Hope…

When we hear messages,

coming from our companions

with their words dancing

into our dreams and thoughts,

We have only one choice,

but to stop, act, and be.

We are the Voices of Hope…

Letting the dust settle


Our victory is not always

the one we think it should be,

Perhaps our place

is where it is RIGHT NOW!

We know not what is planned

We only know ourselves,

even if doubting our purpose…

It is then that we discover

Our Voices of Hope.