Book of Job 4 -27


It was the first word that hit me.  First are Eliphaz, Zophar, and Bildad really his friends.  They scare me as they continued to not listen to Job.  He was venting and frustrated that life had taken some difficult turns.  He was faithful despite everything that hit him.  He still believed that God would be present ever if the outcome was not a benefit to him at the time.  Job was a remarkable individual.   

Let us move forward to present-day society.  We are not Job.  We are ourselves.  We do have the same problem as to his friends.  How many times have your friends not listened to your struggles?  How many times have they stood in judgement?  How many times have you not listened to your friends?  How many times have you stood in judgement?  This is a timeless fact and we need to shut our mouths, open our ears and hearts to our friends.  If we give them time, we are being present in their time of need.  It only takes one moment to make a difference.  I remember one of those low days and my friend called to see if everything was alright.  That made a difference.  I remember crying on that phone call and at no time did she say it was wrong to cry or make judgments.  Thank you is too little.  Her friendship is priceless.  We all are priceless and need to know how we handle each other.