Within all of us are coping skills.  The coping skills are the strengths given from Our Creator.  Through the paths of Creation Spirituality, I have learned the power of the four paths and how they you can travel in all them and find your strength. 

Today...My vehicle of 6 years and 11 months was declared a total loss.  It was my place of thoughts and prayers, adventures and stories it will never tell, but most importantly it was a part of my journey.  I'm thankful for all the times in the Hyundai which started with the name Miracle in 2011 to Hoffa for the overstuffed trunk.  It ended with Fossil for surviving 251,800  with Car Arthur creeping in.   How does this equate to the four paths of Creation Spirituality?  It shared my joys, struggles, losses, lessons, victories, friends, and journeys.  It was a friend in its own way.  I will cherish the memories but look forward to new memories however brief in other transportation traveling companions.

The same is true with human companions.  They share their strengths with us and we share our strengths with them. These strengths have many names.  Some call it courage, fight, spirit, drive, hope, faith, determination, and so many more.  The point is these paths like our experiences and give us coping skills.  The skills to feel, embrace, travel, challenge, and overcome the journeys whether physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional.  Though these skills our inner strength is build and connections between the paths are critical.  They balance together and coping skills are the results. 

"Let connections through body, mind, spirit, and soul be connected in all things, living and non-living."