Lent Study

How can I begin? First if you would have told me that I would be a part of spiritual active community I would have said no way.  It was only though many years of personal growth did I come to this place.  

Breaking into Job is like present day to me.  It appears the problem is the lack of listening to each other.  The parties all see their viewpoint of what faith and God is but yet fail to understand the harm in the constant over driving Job.  He is in a battle but is not faithless when he should have every reason to be.  We all have our thin places and they matter.  Job makes you think what makes a friend.  How can you be a better friend even to yourself.   

American Prophets points out anyone can make a difference.   It doesn't matter what your upbringing is but you can be a prophet with open hearts and open minds.  It doesn't matter if your world was based by God or not as we know God is everywhere.  It is our personal belief that matters and the willingness for health discussion.  American Prophets highlights the differences as well as the similar between people.  The common bond is community.  We all love the strength of our communities.