Doing Lent Study has been both challenging and helpful.  I have been in a strange place like Alice in Wonderland.  I have been pushed to a breaking point until recently.  The Lent study has been challenging because I had to see through other eyes and express my viewpoint.  Am I not open-minded?  Yes, I am open-minded but fearful to express my opinion as many devalue your viewpoint.  They overpower you and make you feel invisible.  It was a welcome change to feel like I matter and my importance in this community counts.

Job was challenge as answers were thrown out to Job to why he was in the position he was in.  He tried to get his friends to listen but no avail.  They laid everything out at Job's feet and did not comprehend the injury to Job.  He was still strong enough in spirit to withstand the blame.  When the young man did the same thing, he still withstood but the frustration build.  Have any of you had that happen?  Have you done that? 

The discussion points to pride and pride is many things.  Pride is having a high opinion of oneself.  Pride is not just knowing-it-all but feeling invincible and that leaves a bitter aftertaste.  Answers are easy when you think that way but listening can give answers as well.  Community get broken when pride overpowers listening.  Pride can rebuild community when you give it back.  The selflessness can foster pride in others and help them to discover their answers.  

Answers to some degree are always open-ended as they require input and that is the greatest community builder.  They require wisdom and knowledge, respect and understanding, and faith and courage.  We can't invisible when we know we have a community to help support each other and see each others struggles and strengths.