Knowledge or Wisdom, that is the question.

Last Sunday morning, our group discussing Job 28:20 got involved in what is knowledge and what is wisdom.  It was one of those moments when you think the more I know, the less I know.  We could have had a full discussion on that one point.  I am still pondering the question...

Wisdom is already known.  Wisdom is passed down from experience.  In order to gain wisdom, you need knowledge.  Sounds simple, correct?  It is but it is not...  Wisdom is positive and in order to gain it you must go through the challenges to establish a solid understanding to pass on the blessing of this knowledge.  It is an equal partnership.  Knowledge is going through the process of learning and builds on itself.  It is time consuming but once established benefits all who enacts with you.

We can never really establish where God got Wisdom but that discussion I would not want to enter.  What matters in the wisdom God shared with man to be successful in following the guidelines to a solid understanding of life.  Thinking, processing, and accepting is a gift given which continues to grow.   Thank you are my final words.