education and faith

I attend the Applebaum Training Institute training, Love Play Grow, on Saturday April 7th.  The presenter, April Vernon, spoke of many topics including attention of children, respect, stress management, millennial parents (18 to 34), and activities.  Here is what I found interesting about this training which took me aback.  I hear people talking about putting God back in the school would solve our problems yet I heard the principles of God at the training.  

Here are some of points:

1. Engage the child or group and really listen to their concerns or problems.  Did God not that?

2. Be the example of how to act.  Is God open and welcoming to all despite what or where they are?    Or how to treat each other? 

3.  Mindfulness: the awareness of being in the presence.  Creation Spiritually speaks of this and how important we need to be mindful of each other and ourselves.  In more tradition structure, the quote "You are a difference maker" has been used in many christen songs to show anyone has the ability to change the world.  This is a form of mindfulness.

4. Box of Love is an activity with kisses.  The child paint a box and blows kisses into the box.  They close the box and place a small note of top.  They give it as a gift to someone they love.  Is this not an act of faith?  No one can see blown kisses yet you have the faith they are in there.

5. Educators are persistence and know the importance of never giving up.  Mindfulness came back on this one as well as a few thoughts: "Fear is the opposite of faith. Believe in the best. Let go and forgive.  Resentment is a poison that you swallow."  

6. Connections are another.  God build connections into the plan.  The millennial parents value the strength of relationship and want their child/children to have choices.  One way is not the only way. One group is not always right.  Faith does not come in one package.  People do not look or act the same yet we can find a connection or connection points.

How can we say God is not in education when the principles are present...  What we need to understand is God is everywhere but are we seeing or searching God out?  That is a question to consider.  Is that one we are willing to consider?  Is it?