This is the first summer in a long time where I have focused on rebooting myself.  My current field of childcare and now mental health has been a rewarding tired.  I have found myself looking at what many consider to be unimportant, very important.  Fun being one of them.  Fun can be simple.  It was something I overlooked.  

Why do I bring up fun?  July is my birthday month.  I decided I'm done with parties until the ones that matter.  I wanted your time and I received it.  I gave myself time too.  This month and a few days beyond I will have enjoyed 4 concerts with one being free and the other a birthday gift, Clay Bakers, lunch and a movie, 2 birthday cakes, and appreciation of time.  This was fun to me.  The icing on all this was winner at BINGO at the Glen Burnie Carnival on Monday late evening enjoying a Pulled Pork Sandwich with Funnel Cake for Dinner.  My prize was a child's mermaid towel, and Yes I'm keeping it!  

Why do I bring up fun?  Fun is connecting and seeing what brings you pleasure.  This connecting is important as fun is spiritual and growth happens with fun as our hearts open and we see people differently.  How do you have fun and does it help open your heart?  Or does it leave an aftertaste?  Remember fun is spiritual and growth happens...