Reflecting on Seasons

This week is unofficial end of Summer.  People pack up themselves and Fall back into work.  When I was younger, I thought Summer was my favorite season.  Yet as I have aged, I almost long of Fall as people seem less distance.  Fall people want to reunion and engage each other more.  Don't get me wrong as I love Summer and how I can enjoy the freedom of longer day and crabs, LOL.

I wish that the four paths in Creation Spiritual that we could apply to the Seasons of the year.  Some people like those in the Armed Services, healthcare, correction situation, sickness and homelessness don't see the World the same way.  Their world is 24/7 and there is no break.  Their Summer maybe a moment or a day when they have a vacation.  

I look at it like this.  Sad as it is to see the weather get cooler and clothing get heavier, I am happy to see another season and more opportunities to connect.  There are more opportunities to talk, even with only your physical presence.  Talking can be beyond words.  Let us embrace all the Seasons and find the best in ourselves.