Wrestling with...

I wrestled with myself for 52 years. I have had to climb mountains, at times, feeling alone. People telling me that I have no right to feel what I feel. People telling me that I was less than human for whatever reason. People telling me that my kind don’t fit in. I’m done wrestling!

I want to wrestle with what can be done. I want the tools available to make the wrestling match balanced and the rules the same. I want people who wrestle themselves to not fear what is inside them and accept their uniqueness.

God, Our Creator, Mother Earth, or the many countless names created us for a purpose. It could be we have to wrestle ourselves first so we have the strength to wrestle other forces. It could be the other forces had to come in to give us what we need to get the strength. Our purpose in the wrestling is growth.


Be like a Dandelion

Keep coming up and never…