Our Church

So it seems our church is one with many communities. We found our way to World AIDS Day and Rev. Wayne Schwandt, who was EVOLVE Chesapeake. The churches came together and my community, EVOLVE Chesapeake, is a part of UCCA today. Our church stood up and continues to do so for the greater community, and people know we care. We participate in Winter Relief and share our time and talent to assist people in need. We have marched, spoke up, and challenged the acceptable norms of society. What we have done is too numerous to name.

Our church has opened it’s doors to people that have been looking for a church home. They found a church home and found acceptance. It is not often when you miss your church more then your family and friends but I do. Our church is family and we see community as a part of the World around us. Is there any greater reason? Not one I can find.