SURJ Meeting September 1st...AACo Public Transportation

I would like to begin to explain why this issue is important to me.  When I first became independent of my ex in October of 2003, I was without a drivers license and a car.  I was in my mid-30's when I got a license and my first car in Fall 2006.  I used public transportation to get around and learned to navigate the system.  My use of public transportation helped me get back on my feet and I'm grateful to the system being available so I could work, attend classes, and live.  I want the same for other people.

The SURJ Annapolis and AA County Charter Meeting addressed "Racism threatening AACo Public Transportation."  The speaker was Samuel Jordan who used the words, "White Supremacy," to state the problem.  My focus is not on the words, White Supremacy, but the issues.  Many people will stay focused on the wording when the problem needs to be addressed and discussed.

The points that needs to be considered are basic.

1. The claim of high crime for being a reason to limit or remove services on the system is prejudice against communities.

2. The Police Dept stands with the SURG group that crime is not rampage.

3. The additional time required to get to and from jobs will increase and limits opportunities and incomes.  Employers understand transportation is an issue and can use that to limit wages and benefits to employees.

4. The language adjustment to poor white communities so they are not seeing it will hurt them as well.

5. Public School Students have used the system to get to and from school in the area. 

6. Students at Colleges/Tech/Training Programs use the system to get to and from their education.  They want opportunities too.

7. Funds from the AACo Public Transportation were pulled when the Red Line Extension was stopped after 7 years planning.  Funds instead will go to the highway instead. There are concerns parking and environmental risks.

8. The limiting of access to all service whether personal, health/well-being, and entertainment.

9. Communities outside the area like Crofton, Pasadena, and other areas do not see the benefit of parking the car, and coming into the light rail as an economical and helpful to the area.  Traffic congestion is a serious safety concern.

10. Jobs were lost after the Red Line Extension was eliminated and, in addition, will be limiting or eliminating jobs due to lack of higher education.  Many individuals lack a college education but are skilled workers and those opportunities we will be lost.

What is important here is understanding we need to see the facts and put our judgements aside. 

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