We talk about community connections. Many churches and communities remain self-contained. They feel they need to stay within themselves. Their outreach is limited by their comfort zone. When we need to be breaking comfort zones.

Outreach is important because we all go through struggles. Support is very important, and people need an understanding community or communities to be present. In many cases, the benefits cross both parties and a bond is developed that can expand the gift of reaching out to those in need. Outreach is passed on through the sharing on support and understanding.

Outreach is also education, whether it is a forum, discussion, activism, or marches. Being informed is critical to starting the process of establishing networks. Networks creates outreach opportunities that can lead to other opportunities. This is empowerment and self-regulation.

The next time the opportunity is given to become involved in a community-based action why not try it. There could be a lesson meant to be learned or shared, but if the idea of risking getting involved is challenging then think about the people before you. They took a risk and outreach is a risk. How can break down the differences if we don’t risk ourselves in outreach?