ACT & The Church Community

Last week, I addressed the church community and it's outreach. Now, that the government has a temporary opening, we need not be comfortable. The churches need to do what they did in the past and ACT is a form of that.

ACT was formed because people were concerned that the issues were being overlooked. Their voices were left in a maze and no way of being heard. People discussed their concerns and decided the church community had the ability to bring people together. Their concerns and stories have people who want to listen.

The issues requiring addressing were:

1. Affordable housing

2. Safe and effective schools

3. Effective and useful public transportation

4. Freedom from addiction and mental health challenges

5. Just and Fair immigration policies

6. Gun Violence Reduction and Safety in Our Communities

They meet on the concerned subjects and bring awareness to the subjects. The experiences make the difference! ACT is community activism and faith in each other. Are you willing to do what you can?