A Body & A Cot

We spent our lives trying to seek what is already there. During Winter relief January 2019, we help out a community that needs a support network. Many see these people as a body and a cot. They don’t have a story and what brought there was their issue. People don’t want to see themselves.

When you are with them, whether it is helping with coffee, hot water, creamers, or refilling sugar they are telling a story. When you bring your coffee and sit with them and everyone shares their story it is clear, they are more than a body and a cot. Some talk about the meals made by their family, the funny pages, and things they have to do. There is no coating of language in the twilight hours. We talk and our connection is refreshing.

The next the opportunity comes to reach out and help the community, do it. You will discover that someone can be completely different from you and your stories have a common thread. In this case, it is about looking at people beyond their situation. They are more than a body and a cot. They are us, and we are them. I look forward to next year, who is with me?