We have responsibilities of life and generally we handle them. There are times when responsibility becomes too much. The challenge is knowing when. This society makes it almost impossible to know when as they continue to throw us into the World of Schedules. We become over-responsible and lose focus.

I, right now, am managing 4 jobs plus. I struggle to remember the needs that matter like appointments and healthy concerns. I struggle to remember the bills that are coming due and the limits of my income. I struggle to find time to just let myself embrace the simply pleasure of a book, listen to a good discussion, or be with friends. I feel over-responsible in adulthood.

How does effect the World today? People have little time to engage each other and talk without connection. I feel like the responsibilities override the human being and we become these responsibilities. We cannot be human and live only through these. We cannot simply engage each other and be together.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just be responsible for spiritual happiness of the community and self? Wouldn’t it be nice to just stop and be responsible to moments of laughter and love, growth and learning, and just being? Responsibility is has many layers and I miss this one the most…