Social Justice

Why is social justice still an issue? Why does the society continue to make judgments about other races, genders, faith beliefs, and our pronouns? Why do not want discussion when common ground is connection to each other? Why do we continue on acting like these challenges don’t exist?

Why then do we have so many people coming together to do what is being done? People are beginning to honestly discuss the challenges between races, genders, and faith beliefs, and our pronouns. The organizations are many and they understand the challenges of these open discussions. The challenges are not always spoken but you can feel the tension when the discussion opens up. People said the truth and it is a bitter pill to swallow. People push back their conversation when they need to feel free to express it. Social justice begins when the push back is put away.

Social justice means taking risks. It means saying that so many talk and take no action. It points out that people need to see the viewpoint of the other side even if they can never understand the struggle of the people who live with the judgments. This is everyone’s fight and it will never be settled down because nothing ever settles. Stand Up for other races, genders, faith beliefs, and our pronouns. Together, we can change what must be changed.