I have spent my life learning about God and how I thought I knew God. God was always this mysterious being that was always present but almost untouchable unless you were in some special class of people. You had to prove that you were good enough to be of God. That concept lost me and I cannot understand why as it would seem that God is judging us. I understood that God does not judge yet that felt like the case.

Over time, I discovered text and experiences about God and how it was not a simple subject. God has many names and paths of connections to our universe and ourselves. We are united as God would not be able to be present if there were not people who could be delivers of what had to be done or said. Many will disagree if I were to say that God is also in living things beyond ourselves. God is everywhere and not the high superior being that can solve it all.

God gives us questions, answers, wisdom, and a plan of action to complete the tasks in our life plan and that path can change. We need not instruct Our Creator in what is expected as the tools are in the box, if we listen and seek the message meant for us. Fear is crippling us in the message that divine love is possible, and the most powerful gift given.

What is God, Our Creator, Holy One, and the divine to me? It is the idea that when I feel like my life has completely fallen apart, I don’t feel alone. When I need that reminder that I am not the screw-up that people thought I was, I see the light of pure beauty, yellow shining through the trees of my being. The strength to stand in front of the flames of struggle and learn to put that out. The ability to use the same flames to light the way for others. God is everywhere and God lives in Us.