Definition Of A Life

It’s almost seems that we are defining Jesus’s life in pieces of a puzzle. It is like someone decided which had more value, thinking only of their purpose. We focus on his birth and his walk into “death.” The middle has missing pieces, which seems lost to time.

The only difference between Jesus and Humankind is we don’t receive “death” like that. Our being disappears in a box of names of lost DNA. Our being could become pieces of a puzzle only or just a name, The challenge of defining a life is for most of Humankind will only see a piece or pieces. This does not tell the whole story. The pieces are lost. Humankind cannot understand why their lives are in pieces yet we have a higher expectation of Jesus’s life.

Jesus’s life had the same challenges of Humankind. I’m sure he did not understand that his purpose was a greater one. The pieces had to be rediscovered. They had to be placed in order so understanding could occur. Once he understood, he accepted the purpose.

How does this fit into Humankind? We have the same challenges which are the missing pieces and expectations of others and ourselves. We don’t understand and we want to understand yet it remains a mystery. We wonder how we define a life, WE DO!

Here is what we know, we all have an Universal Father and Mother. We know Our Universal Father and Mother have expectations of us. They understand our puzzle pieces. They understand our lives and the required adjustable paths. The expectation of defining a life is unreasonable. The best we can do is to understand what the Divine means for us to understand. Jesus’s life had a purpose and the Divine, Our Universal Father and Mother, wanted this to be known.

“Life is to be lived, and the pieces will come.”

Erine Sedicum 4/16/19