Reflections from Easter Services...

The Words came out

He understood

They understood

It is a connection…

The Journey.

Truth is an enemy

to those that do not have sight

and discomfort is a price,

yet through discomfort

comes Love in the Garden

of the Spirit.

With discomfort life comes

and that bond is build,

Simply Breathing,

the Gift of Letting Go

and Renewal of Love.

With life comes concerns

and those concerns


around and under,

Letting feelings of Abandonment,

Longing, and Acceptance

through the ability to Lament.

Lamenting has power

and that understanding will

discover that Thirst is present.

For without Thirst,

there is no desire to Seek,

Seeking is action and service;

for which

the Mission that was set forth

can be Completed,

making the Reconnection

to what matters most.

Yet many want to try

and carry the load


when what is needed

is the Relationship.


By the strength of an Upmost

Forever Being Made of Love,

this plane feeling

of the daily crucifixion

can have Hope that Breakthroughs

are not Lost but Given.

“Wholeness is Love.”